Quality of Assurance & Safety Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

The management of Rayco strives to instill in our employees a company culture and operational attitude  so that we can do our jobs correct the first time, meet stipulated requirements and meet or exceed client expectations. We want quality to pervade our company and be a part of everything Rayco does.

Our Quality Assurance Program requires the we ascertain compliance with all applicable codes, standards, contracts, specifications and/or good construction practices through the process of examining, measuring, testing, gauging, or otherwise comparing one or more units of product. We also document the inspection in such a manner that the results will be accountable to subsequent reviews and audits. It is Rayco's intent to ensure that quality is a way of life within the company.

Safety Policy

It is the policy of Rayco to provide a safe working environment for all employees. In keeping this policy, every effort is always made in the interest of accident prevention and health preservation. It is the employee's responsibility to cooperate with supervisory personnel and perform his or her job according to established safety work rules and regulations.

 The employee's attitude towards safety is a reflection of his or her supervisor's attitude. The supervisor has the greatest opportunity to create safe working conditions as well as safe attitudes. By being committed to safety and by working together, we eliminate accidents and injuries and all share the benefits of a safe, accident-free work environment.